STEEL LINE for the future and internationell connections

"Steel - Line"

We build Steel-Line a direct competitor to China's "Silkes Line". It is built entirely in steel and modularized, which means that we can quickly build on and expand the train lines to cover many countries. We can also build in many different locations at the same time. Environmentally friendly, can be taken down and picked up again. If it is not needed, the material can be melted down and become new steel again.

You go from city center to city center with our trains and they go up one floor and no collisions with vehicles, people or animals. You also ride very quietly as rolling resistance has been completely eliminated. In addition, very safe because the train cannot derail. You will travel at speeds up to 500 km/h so the trip will be short. You also see the nature outside whizzing by in your silent train. The trip will be a pleasant experience!